Works in public space

Photo: Tasneem Khan

In public space Signe Johannessen work together with artist Erik Rören as the duo Rören/Johannessen. They influence a given environment by investigating the needs of those people who use it. Rören/Johannessen is interested in a site’s historical description and its potential. The work is carried out through close collaborations with selected groups. The process includes a collective and context-dependent working process that influences the resulting Artwork. Rören/Johannessen strive to open up public spaces and make them relevant and communicative for different groups in society. Together they work actively for a more open, more inclusive and more tolerant social atmosphere, and they often begin by considering marginalized questions and/or repressed social issues.

Rören/Johannessen aims to share the feeling the they have when they work in public space – that citizens can influence their shared spaces and their society, and anything can be possible.  Rören/Johannessens work strive to highlight hidden powers and social structures. In this manner, they carry the artistic process and citizens closer to the final result, to decision-making and by extension, to the decision makers. Rören/Johannessen`s projects in public space is all about displacing power through joy, community and dialogue.