The stag

Productionstill, The stag (2017-2018) Photo: Umeed Mistry.

The stag looks at interpersonal relations and power structures from an anthropomorphic perspective. The project depart from a communal household in the far north of Norway where Signe Johannessen grew up in the 80’s. The project offers another perspective on utopian forms of co-existence. Partly inspired by the narrative structure of nature films, the project combines documentary and fictive material, and explores the boundaries between fiction and documentary.

Production still, The stag (2017-2018) Photo: Helge Olsén.
Production still, The stag (2017-2018) Photo: Helge Olsén

The misogynist structures that Johannessen experienced during her early childhood is the point of departure for the project Bocken. In the project the artist aim to make current gendered power structures visible by returning to her own childhood as if she was an animal. Some elements of the project was presented at Färgfabriken, Stockholm, during the summer of 2018. The complete project will be presented as a solo exhibitions at Ystad Konstmuseum in 2019.