The book Throphy

The book Trophy is a deep dive into the artpractive of Signe Johannessen with newly produced texts by Axel Andersson, Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Ida Bencke, Julia Björnberg, Christina Fredengren, Jonathan Habib Enqvist, Signe Johannessen, Therese Kellner, Caroline Malmström, Kristina Sigunsdotter and Cecilia Åsberg. Graphic deign by Lars Høie. Edited by Caroline Malmström and Signe Johannessen.

The book is available in assorted art book stores and galleries such as the book stores at Malmö konsthall, Ystad konstmuseum, Oslo kunstforening and more.

The book can be ordered from Klicka här

”Swamp Posthumous” by Signe Johannessen in collaboration with Cullberg – Accelerator

The artist Signe Johannessen presents the film Swamp Posthumous, a co-production of Cullberg and Accelerator. Swamp Posthumous is a further development of Signe Johannessen’s work Posthumous Dialogue which is part of the exhibition Experimentalfältet.

Movie screening at 18:00 August 25, 2021 at Accelerator.

LIAF 2019 was awarded The Norwegian Art critics Prize 2019

LIAF 2019 produced the book The Kelp congress in which the work The Kelp Medal of Honour is presented.

LIAF 2019 was awarded The Norwegian Art critics Prize 2019 for their group Exhibition High Tides where signe Johannessens work was presented.

Manege at Marabouparken

November 30, 2019 at Marabouparken

Curated by Marie Fahlin

Participating artists: Shiva Anoushirvani, Caroline Bergvall, Jeanette Bolding, Julia Bondesson, Jonna Bornemark, Cristina Caprioli, Christina Drangel, Marie Fahlin, Moa Franzén, Signe Johannessen, Anne Juren, André Lepecki, Lena Oja, Weld Company och Anna Koch, Release av Koreografisk Journal #6.