Artist brief

Signe Johannessen´s work questions the notion of life, power structures and morality. Often departing from her own experiences, she aim at connecting tangible everyday dilemmas with science fiction-like worlds. Factual and fictional evolutionary breakthroughs tell us something about where we are heading to. Johannessen are interested in how we write about the history of nature and portray other species. Johannessen´s work interrogates what our relationship with other species can tell us about power structures. Looking into the history, as well as the interpretations of nature, animals, and artificial machine her work discusses what it means to be human.

Signe Johannessen studied at Oslo National College of the Arts in Norway and the Royal institute of fine Art in Stockholm, Sweden. She make sculptures, videos, drawings and installations. Her artistic processes often evolve through workshops and excursions in collaborations with various experts. Johannessen are one of the founders of Art Lab Gnesta, a self-organized experimental practice and institution in the Sörmland country-side south of Stockholm.